Bolsonaro and Military Officials Remain Silent when Questioned by the Federal Police

Jair Bolsonaro and military officials remained silent when presenting themselves for questioning by the Federal Police in the investigation into plans for a coup against Lula's election.

In total, 23 people, including former ministers, former aides, and allies of the former president, were summoned to speak on the same day.

Diverging from the strategy of remaining silent were the president of the PL, Valdemar Costa Neto, former Minister of Justice Anderson Torres, and a direct aide to Bolsonaro.

The defense of the former president had anticipated what the conduct would be, on the grounds of not having access to documents of the investigation.

Bolsonaro arrived at the Federal Police headquarters in Brasília at 2:20 p.m. this Thursday (22nd), and shortly after the questioning ended. Lawyer Paulo Bueno said the former president "has never been sympathetic to coup movements."

Also remaining silent were Generals Braga Netto, Augusto Heleno, and Paulo Nogueira, as well as former Navy Commander Almir Garnier.

The Federal Police began the investigation after finding a draft decree for a state of siege at Torres' residence. After testimonies and further evidence, they concluded that Bolsonaro and allies had discussed coup plans.

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